Welcome to LifePlan7

This has been a dream of mine for many years based on your prodding. You have asked me to provide a transformation kit which integrates 4 key areas of your life.
Spiritual endeavor; Undoing hurtful patterns; synergy with a higher power; true Kabbalah; creating powerful motivation
Get yourself organized; safeguarding life values; managing space and people; you are your leader; building your sacred space; tapping your deep potential
Emotional maturity; loving truly and lastingly; the Sefirotic key to inner balance; taming the ego; empowering your words; love as Divine.
Temple for the soul; kicking sugar addiction; seeing through corruption of the food chain; developing a fitness program
I have created this kit and provided you with a complete set of tools that allows you to assimilate the information during a 7 week transformation program.
1 x DVD Approximately 90 Minutes. Laibl Wolf details the LifePlan7 method. Weekly introduction to LifePlan7 lessons. Overview of total program
7 x Audio CDs 7 week audio program. Contains the full knowledge base needed to for the weekly exercises and manual instructions on how to make sustainable changes.
1 x Meditation CD Meditation exercise for each of the four streams, to internalize the practice into your inner being programming your consciousness.
1 x Manual A detailed set of weekly instructions in all four streams providing the consciousness, management, relationship, and wellness transformations that will make Lifeplan7 the quantum leap in your life.
1 x Personal Journal The skillful art of journalizing allows the Lifeplan7 participant to become a keen observer of self and of life.