Australian wisdom-teacher and mystic, Rabbi Laibl Wolf, has selected ten of his favorite Niggunim (Kabbalah spirit melodies), and guided talented Australian musician, Simon Starr, to arrange these in this unique nature music sound. The haunting simplicity of a classical guitar merges with birds singing in the Australian bush breeze, to provide the most relaxing experience of your life.

For centuries, the power of the Niggun, the Hassidic wordless tune, has moved the human spirit of the ancient Hebrew people. It heals the body and spirit, opens the heart and mind, and creates a powerful pathway for the soul.

The Chabad school of Hassidism has been instrumental in transmitting Kabbalah through the music chant of the Niggun to all those in search of its deep wisdoms. A Niggun is the pen of the soul.

The Niggunim provides the basis of chanting, meditating, introspecting,and transforming. Each Niggun has its unique message for your soul.

The Niggunim can control pain, encourage sleep, improve immunity, eliminate anger, focus concentration, promote healing, and create inspiration.

Simply transformational.

This CD has been made possibly through the generosity of our good friend and generous supporter, Robert Bontchek