Organizer"s Checklist
The organisor is expected to provide the following for the night of the presentation:
  1. WHITE SCREEN: A large white screen (for projecting onto - Powerpoint presentation). This should be large enough to enable people to see clear of the row of heads in front of them) and should be positioned off centre of the front of the room.
  2. LIGHTING: Flourescent lighting near the screen should be dimmed or shut off; general lighting in the hall should be on throughout).
  3. EQUIPMENT STAND: A small stand/table for the projector (which Rabbi Wolf brings with him) and laptop (ditto) - positioned about twlelve feet from the screen.
  4. POWER CORD/POWER STRIP: Electrical extension power cord with a power strip that allows both the projector and the computer to be plugged into for power.
  5. DISPLAY TABLE: A twelve foot table at the back of the auditorium for display of Rabbi Wolf's tapes and books for sale. Plus an assistant to assist with the sales of tapes/books both before and after the event.
  6. MICROPHONE: A microphone is requried at all lectures (other than Shabbat) . A lapel mike is preferred but a hand held is also OK. If the setting is on a stage then a comfortable chair and a fixed mike that is adjustable to position of Rabbi Wolf's mouth would be needed.
ACCOMMODATION: A good quality hotel with a fitness center. (Alternative arrangements can be discussed with Rabbi Wolf's office)

TRANSPORTATION: The organisor will be responsible to pick up Rabbi Wolf from the airport (if applicable) and deliver him to the airport the next day (if applicable). Rabbi Wolf's office usually arranges all flight bookings (if applicable).

DIETARY REQUIREMENTS: Kosher, and preferably vegetarian. Salad and fish is ideal for dinner, and diced fruit for breakfast.

FEES: All fee and travel reimbursement payments are to be effected on the night of the event.