Testimonials from Shluchim and Others
  • "I would highly recommend Rabbi Laibl Wolf for a Kabbala/Chasidus presentation.Besides the sophistication of technology and pedagogic mastery, he brings and eloquent depth to the expression of these profound concepts in a way that nearly everyone can relate to and appreciate. People simply become very moved through his presentations."

    Rabbi Moishe Traxler
    Chabad Lubavitch Outreach of Houston
    11000 Fondren Rd Ste B104
    Houston TX 77096 713-774-0300

  • "Your lecture on "Life after Life" was a huge success here in Teaneck, NJ.As you saw we had a sold out house and literally had standing room only. I have heard tremendous positive feedback and have had continuing contact with several of the new people who came, who are now interested in learning on a regular basis. We are looking forward to hosting you again."

    Rabbi Ephraim Simon
    Teaneck, NJ

  • "Laibl Wolf brings all the sensitivity of an older shliach and all of the freshness of a kollel yungerman. (My favorite picture in my mind of him is erev shabbos, running from the car to the house schlepping the parve cheesecakes.) From teaching a chassidishe niggun at a farbrengen to mind\yoga exercises he brings s something to every personality type and fosters a sensitivity and appreciation for the shliach al asar. He came to deliver a lecture and left as a friend."

    Rabbi Shimon Posner
    Chabad of Rancho Mirage
    The Torah Oasis
    72-295 Via Marta
    Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

  • "It was standing room only, when Rabbi Laibl Wolf appeared at the Indianapolis JCC in February of 2003. Every seat was filled, some were standing in the auditorium and others were sitting or standing in the hallway. Even with such a loud crowd, you could have heard a pin drop during his presentation on the impact that the teachings of the Kabbalah can have on contemporary life. The diverse audience was clearly enchanted by Laibl's knowledge and charisma. Some even returned to the JCC the following day, hoping for a few private words with Rabbi Wolf. Further, Rabbi Laibl Wolf's presentation on a new paradigm for leadership was enthusiastically received by a group of Jewish Community leaders in Indianapolis. It was just the kind of intellectual/spiritual tonic needed by those who are exhausted by the constant challenge to move the community forward. Discussions are now underway to bring Rabbi Wolf back to Indianapolis for a longer leadership seminar."

    Naomi Tropp
    Education Director, Jewish Community Center of Indianapolis, Indiana

  • "Your words gave me peace of mind and inspire my decision to really start the life.. I think.. I was born to live. I thank you for your kindness... I thank you for being yourself? I thank you for all the good things you have done in your beautiful life... but most of all... I thank you for dedicating your wisdom to transform the vision that we have of the reality where we live today... I would love to help you in any way..."

    Nathalie (Brazil)

  • "Thank You for a most inspiring and educational program. We have received so much positive feed-back, mostly regarding people who are learning to re-focus their anger in a more constructive way, based on your session. People have also shown a greater interest in our classes and programs. We ourselves learned so much from the way you brought out the basic concepts of Chassidus in such a beautiful and simplified way. Our only complaint is that the session was too short! We definitely plan iy"h on bringing you out in the near future. Thanks once again."

    Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Schapiro
    Hoboken NJ

  • "Rabbi Laibl Wolf has lectured here every year over the last four years. People here always ask when is he coming back and all look forward to his talks. I strongly encourage Shluchim to take advantage of this opportunity."

    Rabbi Mendel Mintz
    Aspen, Colorado

  • "It was very inspiring, and a great way to bring people that would never come to try the chabad, and get involved, in it, thank you, and have a happy Purim."

    Rabbi Mordechai Shain
    Chabad of the Palisades, Tenafly, New Jersey.

  • "R Laibl Wolf is tremendously accommodating for the new Shaliach and attracts a fresh and vibrant crowd that is often beyond the reach of the Shaliach - well worth the event "

    Rabbi Zalman Bluming
    Raleigh, N. Carolina

  • "Laibl and the crowd bonded perfectly and no one walked out, although the event went much later than advertised. Many people were ready to sign up for future Jewish Mysticism/Chassidus after hearing Laibl's lecture"

    Rabbi Sholom Raichik
    Chabad Lubavitch of Upper Montgomery Co.
    11520 Darnestown Rd. Gaithersburg, MD 20878

  • "Rabbi Laibl Wolf was fantastic in our first major event here in West Parkland, FL. A large number of people came, many of whom we had never met before and were enthralled by his presentation. Rabbi Wolf pleased the crowd with excellent visual aids, interactive discussion and good humour. All in all, it was an inspiring evening."

    Rabbi Mendy Gutnick
    West Parkland, Florida

  • "I as well as many other of the attendees at the Laibl Wolf Seminar found him to be very informative and exciting. He was able to apply ancient Wisdom with modern day psychology. He did it in a manner that was very presentable to the crowd, and in a way where we felt as if we were leaving the event with something tangible that can be used in our every day life. As a shliach I can say that I have personally been able to develop new relationships with baalei batim solely because of the event."

    Rabbi Yochanan Polter
    Shaliach, Education Director, Detroit, Michigan

  • "As always, it was a pleasure to see you and have you do your seminar for our community. Your lecture and meditation exercises are always well received and the participants eagerly await your return. You have the capability to connect to the listener and elevate them to new heights. People have changed there lives after coming to your lecture. We wish you only much success in all your holy work for Klal Yisroel. We thank you for your commitment and dedication and self sacrifice to travel and teach to all that yearn to learn."

    Rabbis Zalman Bukiet and Moishe Denburg

  • "Laibl was a tremendous asset to me, as a new Shliach in a town that is very removed from Yiddishkeit, Laibl was able to draw an excellent crowd, many of whom became weekly attendees to my Tanya Class. I highly recommend Laibl to any new Shliach or Shluchah that wants to inject some new faces and new supporters to their classes and Chabad House."

    Rabbi Benji Brackman, Denver

  • "I want to thank you for the special evening when you came to lecture for us We got amazing feed back - the people really loved your talk. You were clear, professional and the people left inspired. It boosted our class attendances. We can't wait to have to you back"

    Rabbi Levi Deitsch, Shaliach, Northern Virginia