Life Plan 7 is an amazing 7 week personal growth and development program developed by Rabbi Laibl Wolf. Laibl has constructed a brand new approach to life-change. This progam effectively synthesizes spiritual and physical dimensions of our life promoting oneness, skillfulness, insight, and fulfillment.

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Kavana Mindfulness
Don’t just survive – Live deeply, live meaningfully, live mindfully. The key: Kavana Mindfulness. Internationally renowned spiritual mentor, Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf has produced a revolutionary and unique spiritual training program. This is the first time ever that the ancient spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah has been synergized with cutting edge psychology. What Your Program Materials Contain: a) Manual: A detailed written Manual explaining the theory behind the training program and detailing fully the spiritual, mindful, and emotional exercises b) Inner Stillness Audios: A series of three audio exercises to create a ‘level playing field’ within, which you will be able to achieve in ten seconds or less by the program’s end! c) Wide-Angle Awareness: A series of three audio exercises in sensory perception that will accelerate your capacity to collect relevant environmental data by a factor of 1000! d) Wisdom Gateway: A series of three audio exercises that unlock the Kabbalistic secret to draw on your inner wisdom through construction of a ‘wisdom gateway’ The Three Training Stages Each stage provides detailed instructions and time frames for these meditational exercises. Stage One: Create inner stillness building a mindful gateway for wisdom flow Stage Two: Develop your five senses to accumulate thousands of more bytes of relevant data for problem solving capacity Stage Three: Focus concentration powers for mind/emotion balance to unleash your inner wisdom Kavana Mindfulness is the new way to become a mindful, positive, insightful individual who can assume the role of leadership simply by modeling these incredible capacities that this system provides. It will accelerate your wisdom flow a thousand fold. A life-transforming program from a contemporary master Purchase the full set of materials online now
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Mind Yoga - The Kabbalah Code for Spiritual Intelligence.
The way Kabbalah teaches postures of mind and postures of emotion; becoming a more creative thinker; learning to manage time, people, and space, more effectively; plus a powerful meditation to be practiced daily to imprint the methodology.
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2. Wholeness
How the mind and emotions, love and anger, affect our health and can lead to healing and wellness. Breath-work, Ohr HaShem imagery exercise, and PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) technique.
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4. Insight
The nature, history, and meditative techniques of Kabbalah; how to recognize a true Kabbalist; comparison with eastern spiritual traditions; the four levels of prayer; the Sefirot as a matrix of all realities; meditation on the four letters of G-d's name
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5. Journey
What are "angels"; How we create angels through our words; is Satan an angel; non-local phenomenon; souls and "near-death" experiences; the personality of the soul; dream-work in Kabbalah; meditations on souls and angels; problem-solving through dreams
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Raising Valuable Children in a Valueless World
What are the spiritual challenges to parenting today; do you, as parent, really possess values; the challenge of exploitative and perverted media; systematic steps to raising valuable children; "shock-tactics" to accelerating teenage maturity; Bill Gates' rules for "reality-testing"
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Spirit-Grow: Chant of Kabbalah
Twelve of the most powerful traditional Niggunim that affect our clarity of mind vision and emotional balance & transformation; spiritual pathways for the soul to express its inner yearnings; a calming meditation and health technique via classical guitar and Australian "outback" songs of the birds and nature
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Practical Kabbalah
Described as the most lucid and simple application of Kabbalah to understanding of the nature of the universe, the human personality, and states of mind and emotion. Rabbi Laibl Wolf's best selling psycho-spiritual book has made the cryptic Kabbalistic teachings accessible to any reader of personal growth and insight  Read more...
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