Mind Yoga - The Kabbalah Code for Spiritual Intelligence.
The way Kabbalah teaches postures of mind and postures of emotion; becoming a more creative thinker; learning to manage time, people, and space, more effectively; plus a powerful meditation to be practiced daily to imprint the methodology.
CD #1
1Mind Yoga is work out in a \"spiritual fitness center\"  []
2The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah  []
3Yoga and Kabballah -- East meets West  []
4Mind/Body/Soul tools for a fast changing world  []
5The main principles of MindYoga - The Treet of Life  []
6Higher Conciousness - the choice is yours  []
7MindYoga and Meditation  []
8The Meditation  []
CD #2
1You are not an accident -- you count!  []
2Pattern and Design in the Cosmos  []
3MindYoga and Balance -- breath, words, and relationship  []
4Practicing MindYoga balance at home, at work, and in society  []
5Understanding coniousness fields  []
6Designing you relationship instead of stumbling along  []
7Kabbalah meets Covey: MindYoga of time and place  []