2. Wholeness
How the mind and emotions, love and anger, affect our health and can lead to healing and wellness. Breath-work, Ohr HaShem imagery exercise, and PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) technique.
CD #1
1The Flow of Inner Forces  [24:18]
 Creating the aura of wholeness and wellness leading to the inner power of healing
2The Healing Light  [15:04]
 Meditation on Ohr HaShem – a light that heals the body and alleviates physical and emotional pain
3The Power of Mind to Achieve Health  [23:37]
 Alleviating stress and nurturing a relaxation response to life’s challenges.
4Relax and Breathe  [11:48]
 Meditation on muscle relaxation, breath, and the skills of receiving and sharing
CD #2
1The Spiritual Song of Love  [20:15]
 How to practice a true love that does not hide or hurt, but that reveals and connects in profound unity
2Removing Anger From Our Behaviour Profile  [16:42]
 How anger hurts the body, relationships, and seeks power and control
3The Health Formula  [18:42]
 Creating an emotional balance that will promote health and wellness throughout the day and night