4. Insight
The nature, history, and meditative techniques of Kabbalah; how to recognize a true Kabbalist; comparison with eastern spiritual traditions; the four levels of prayer; the Sefirot as a matrix of all realities; meditation on the four letters of G-d\'s name
CD #1
1What Really is Kabbalah?  [35:07]
 Where did it arise from? Why was it a ‘forbidden’ knowledge? How it contributed to Buddhism and other eastern traditions. Meditation in Kabbalah. Who are the true Kabbalists today? Women and Kabbalah. The basic teachings
2Talking to G-d  [20:30]
 Words and silence. The Kabbalah of spiritual sounds and silence. Prayer as elevating through the four worlds – Olamot. The Gematria of Oneness. The influence of the Patriarchs. Transcendental speech. Prayer and healing. The power of movement and the illusion of stillness. The matrix of creation.
3Meditation  [12:25]
 The four holy letters of G-d’s Name and the breath of creation
CD #2
1The Matrix of the Universe – The Kabbalah of the Sefirot Energie  [63:20]
 Entering into the mind of creation through the three Sefirot (energies) of Chochma, Bina and Da’at - Creation, Development and Knowing. Becoming emotionally sophisticated through familiarity with the Sefirot of Compassion, Strength, Beauty, Courage, Empathy, Commitment, and Practice. Jungian psychology, western psychology, and Kabbalah; The pathway to true self-mastery and alignment with reincarnation and synchronicity. Discovering patterns of the matrix of creation.