I am so pleased that you have come to visit. My wish is for you to feel right at home. I would like to serve some spiritual delicacies of this site for you, to serve as an 'apertif', in the fond hope that your thirst for more insight and spiritual mastery grows and expresses itself authentically.

At this very moment the world is going through traumatic and often painful 'birth pangs' -- the birth of a new era where our sense of community and friendship, geopolitically and interpersonally, is intensifying. In light of September 11th and its aftermath, I have full trust that out of adversity comes opportunity and insight. And I have great trust and confidence that you and I will prevail.

I belong to, study, and teach a spiritual tradition that is well over 3,500 years of age. Kabbalah, and its primary movement from which it stems-Hassidism, draw from mists of the dawn of time, while absorbing the legacy, lessons, and, yes, secrets, of an indestructible people. The pathway I teach has no restrictions to any one spiritual orientation. You may be Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, New Age, Catholic, Healer or Shaman, doctor, lawyer, child nurturer, service industry personnel, business person, or mother. I teach a practical Kabbalah - earthed and anchored in the exigencies of everyday life for all faiths and all people.

This site offers Kabbalah insights and meditation while not seeking a dependency relationship or institutional membership. The approach here is the hard work of selfchange, not the quick fix of illusory miracles, or some magical process of osmosis to gain insight. It shares with you the experience of those in need and my advice to them. It focuses on "wholistic" wellbeing, nutritional insights, relationship bonding, meditational exercises, and practices of self-mastery, and modelling to others. I know you make a difference to the world and I would like you to gain, grow, and leverage your giftedness, so that change of self is accelerated. I want to help you become a virtuoso of your soul.

My wife, Leah, is an exceptionally intuitive woman, who expresses her gifts through elevating the soul-sparks that are 'lost' in the very food we eat. Yes, in our tradition, the vegetational and animal realms are en-souled. The way we prepare and eat food, helps liberate these sparks of sacredness. Leah will allow you to elevate your soul, and the soul-sparks in food and substance, through sacred cuisine.

I look forward to hearing from you, sharing with you, comparing notes, and advising when this is sought. I travel extensively so you will also have my itineraries easily located on this site. Daily spiritual insights and weekly meditation & mastery series, will be archived on the site for your convenience.

May all of us bring goodness and kindness to a world in need. May your spark of inner light displace the cloud of darkness that resides among us. I look to you to assist me in this endeavour of making the world a much better place -- through awareness, insight, and spiritual mastery.

Wishing you peace and wholeness in all ways -- shalom.

Laibl Wolf