Down deep, everyone strives to lead a life of wholeness. In this day and age, we live in such a fast paced lifestyle governed by time, money, materialism. It's time to stop and listen -- not get caught up in the swirl of rushing, fleeing from one place to the next. It's time to be in our stillness and be directed in a more profound, more powerful way than we have ever before.

There is no time like the present to come to our center, our own power-that place inside of us where we know, we innately know and have all the answers within. That place where goodness resides, where love lives, where giveness and beauty are present every moment. It's that place where we know we are somehow all connected in some profound way, no matter the color of our skin, the way we pray or the rules we follow in our practice. It's a time when we see each other on the street -- whether someone homeless or a mother walking with her child or an elder who needs help crossing to the other side, it's time to connect, look each other in the eye and say hello and wish them well. It's also a time to walk a consciousness life in mind, body and spirit, not only in our relations with others, but in our relation to ourselves. Through these buttons are opportunities to help you connect on a deeper level with your own self.

Enjoy your time with two extraordinary human beings -- Laibl and Leah Wolf. Feel free to come in, sit down, take some time to ask questions, anything about life, relationships, how to deal with a friend's crisis, whatever is present for you.

Our column will put you directly in touch with Laibl himself who answers directly back to you, and you get a chance to read other entries from visitors like yourself in search of some sound advice.

Our column gives you chance to tap into that area of eating from a sacred place, something most of us are unaware of, but has the limitless potential to highten our experience of food profoundly. Enjoy and welcome!