Our lives are becoming more complex, more confusing, and much more challenging. Information overload makes us feel inadequate; the tugs and pulls of a fast paced life often leaves hurt and pain in their wake. The values that are at our very core - family, friendship, and income production are undergoing flux and uncertainty. People are finding love harder to come by and understand. Emotional distress is taking a significant toll on our health and wellbeing.

Over the past decade, I've responded to hundreds of people around the world during the course of a week, which has allowed me to have a good sense of the problems and issues plaguing all of us. My frequent travels bring me to the 'coalface' of our quest for meaning in the midst of uncertainty, as well as the gift I have been studying-the world's most ancient wisdom, The Kabbalah.

We all have the potential to overcome our challenges of health, stress, and relationships. A spiritual compass can lead us in the direction that is right for us. Through these columns I would like to provide you with this gift of a spiritual compass. I have no doubt that the advice I offer, and which I share anonymously in these columns will resonate with your life, and that you will find here "personal" responses to need, pain, and fulfilment.

The most popular themes that I am consistently asked to guide people with include:

  • Loving truly and unconditionally
  • Eliminating anger and negative emotions
  • Creating a stress free busily fulfilling life
  • Balancing family and work
  • Creating a spiritual discipline in our lives
  • Discovering the truths of higher consciousness and awareness
  • Handling family issues effectively and compassionately

It is my sincere hope that in this way we will learn from each other; that we will develop much improved coping mechanisms; that we will discover our own individual pathway to happiness and joy.

My personal blessings that your life is filled with insight and balance.