The Art of Divine Cooking and Eating

I love to entertain! For me, inviting people to dinner is one of the most fulfilling activities in my life. Look at all the wonderful features: making people feel great in another environment; bringing the exciting tastes of nature to the palate of my guests; expressing my creativity through texture and colour; and most importantly, elevating plant and animal life through the sacred act of eating.

I spend a large part of my life helping people maintain the 'temple of their soul'.

We all know how a healthy mind correlates with a healthy body. "think positive and the outcome will be positive" is a teaching by one of the great Hassidic Masters. But the reverse is true as well. How we eat, what we eat, the state of mind and heart when we eat, the combinations of foods, correct foods in the appropriate season, the company we keep while we eat, and the love that we expend in preparing the food, all contribute to our wellness of body.

Food as medicine is a well-established teaching in my tradition. It appears in the most ancient of the spiritual Jewish texts, it was espoused by Hippocrates, and it also works in my kitchen today!

What do we do when we eat? In Kabbalah we learn that we actually elevate the 'sparks of soul' in the very food on our plate. But this can only be achieved through sacred cooking and sacred eating. And this is what I will be sharing with you regularly through these pages. I want you to be as excited about the spirituality of the kitchen and dining room as I am. I want you to you find your deepest aspirations for the welfare of self and others through the art of sacred cuisine.

Feel free to contact me at any time and let me know what you thought of a recipe or the often mystical and spiritual explanations that I will share with you. Join me in creating a world community of deep caring and respect for all levels of existence and help us elevate creation to its highest potential through sacred cuisine.