Humble ‘Pi-Napple’

Nature is replete with wonderful teachings. It is a powerful model for healthy practices and optimal behaviour. We only have to watch and listen to its spiritual voice to learn much more about ourselves.

The pineapple is a large fruit – football size. Large fruits are expected to grow on large trees. Most do. Not your truly humble pineapple however. It chooses to grow on a relatively lowly shrub. You see it doesn’t have to project, employ PR, or dazzle us with branch-laden footwork. It practices humility from a position of self worth. It knows it has a strong tangy taste. It is gifted, full of very special enzymes that are particularly helpful to the digestion system. In fact, I always recommend eating proteins like meat with pineapple to assist in the digestion of the heavier food.

Being of the red (Gevurah – inner strength) family that includes the orange and yellow colours, it has a strong tangy taste. Its strong textured exterior belies its delicious sweetness – like many people who seem to be tough on the outside but deliciously sweet within.

It is probably one of the most versatile foods, with stage personae as entrée, main course participant, and dessert.

My recipe for imbibing the pineapple’s self worth is as follows:

  • Clean the skin of the pineapple
  • Cut in quarters and remove the core
  • Cut into bite size pieces
  • Mix pineapple with 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
  • Grated rind of one orange
  • 1/3 cup wine or liquor or brandy
  • Allow this to marinate overnight or for several hours.
Place this mixture into dessert bowls for any course of the meal you wish to serve it for. Decorate with 2 fresh mint leaves, or a leaf from the pineapple itself. Enjoy nature’s gift, appreciate its goodness and bless the opportunities of being fortunate to participate in the spirit from above and below.

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