Can you advise me on food combinations that are good for our digestion, ones that we can metabolise with comfort?


Dear Judith

Thank you for your enquiry. Let me answer you from a spiritual point of view

Firstly I think effective digestion relates directly to understanding, appreciating, and elevating your food. I like to keep my food as natural as possible. By this I mean I do not smother it in processed sauces or canned products. Vegetables are delicious steamed or grilled with olive oil, lemon juice or fresh herbs. Meat and fish should also be cooked in this simple way. Pasta should not be drowned in ready sauces, cheeses or creams, but rather eaten lightly accompanied by fresh products. This is what I refer to when talking about "understanding your food". It is comparable to a human being, whose true essence, their soul center, should be able to shine through, and not be smothered in layers of cover-up.

Appreciating the food will help you make decisions regarding the quantity of food you require and how often you need to eat. As a woman I find 5 small meals throughout the day to be far more effective than 3 large ones.

Elevating the food, before you put it into your mouth is also an integral part of the eating process. Take a minute to appreciate your food, either with a blessing, a smile or even love. Separate each type of food on your plate and focus on it. Take time to digest relax and smile. A happy face and a relaxed body create a good disposition for digestion.

As to combinations I tend to agree with the author of the book "Fit for Life" Basically try to separate proteins and carbohydrates. Eat either of the two with vegetables as a side dish.

Drinking boiled warm water with a twist of lemon throughout the day seems to clean out the digestive track and maintain energy.