We met a few times in New York, my name is D. I am a friend of Rabbi N, and was privileged to hear you speak several times. I have also met many Jewish people who have been touched and inspired by you. It is a pleasure to talk with you now.

Perhaps I could throw a topic of discussion into the mix for consideration on your upcoming trip to NY?

Like many of us I am totally subsumed by the news about Israel, and what is happening to our people and our land. Someone told me once that every Jewish soul, and body is best served living and breathing the air in Israel. That the atmosphere in Israel is the most ideal for me. I felt that even before I ever saw Israel, and when I finally did go I felt health and vitality for the first time in my life. I could go on forever about my connection to the holy land, but I'm sure you understand where I'm going here.

Now every day I watch what is happening. We are dying, Jewish boys are seeing war and being fired at, All the anti-Semitism of the holocaust is staring us in the face wearing black and white headscarves instead of SS helmets. I am horrified and cry almost every day. At night I can feel the heartbeats of the soldiers and their fear in my stomach. Other people are having the same reaction, and I would love to hear your thoughts about how to use this energy that the conflict is creating for all of us. How do we use this to help our situation? How do we get closer to peace? How can I exercise self-management in context of these terrible events?

I look forward to your thoughts, and thank you in advance for your reply.



I look forward to seeing you in NY and discussing the important matters you raise, in person with you.

I share your concern fully. I just returned yesterday from Israel where I spent Pesach and had a first hand experience of the trials and tribulations we face there. My son in law's cousin was one of those reservists murdered in Jenin. And my own son served for three years in an elite Israeli commando unit.

To exercise self-management at times of crisis requires us to identify what it is that is the basis of our thinking? What is our belief system? What are the axioms and parameters that we operate under in terms of our inner spiritual climate?

Let me posit an axiom for you that I have adopted. And self-management flows from there in my case. I firmly believe that we are not alone. Our survival for 3500 years is the most unnatural sociological phenomenon of all history. There must be non-logical dynamics at work and these clearly point to a spiritual power by our side, even in the darkest of hours. My parents, holocaust survivors, are a testimony to this phenomenon - their survival and subsequent raising of a beautiful family constitutes remarkable life out of the ashes. But it is also true that HaShem demands of us that we take the initiative. If we maintain integrity and self worth as individuals and as a nation, then our initiative will draw down infinite spiritual energies of protection and success, despite the protestations of all the nations of the world. And, Bruch HaShem, these initiatives are now being taken -- not without Korbanot (sacrifices -- of those who died defending our country) through the Mesirat Nefesh (self sacrifice) of our soldiers and everyone who is involved directly through physical fighting or indirectly through spiritual 'fighting' (prayer and Tehillim). By adopting this faith position I can follow a line of personal action and remain very confident that the outcome will be both positive and miraculously successful beyond all expectations. It allows me to take the initiative rather than be paralysed by inaction and defeatism.

We can affect matters at a distance as recent research in the field of non-local phenomena demonstrates. So take the initiative, which I am sure you are, by doing all that is possible, even from the distance, spiritually, to ensure that that the energies you generate make the necessary contribution to our cumulative effort.

May we hear good news in the nearest future.