Dear Laibl,

I was at the Fear and Anger seminar you led in Kansas City, MO. Would you please explain what is meant by G-d's anger e.g. when G-d is displeased with our actions. I note G-d’s anger often in the Bible and his destruction of the wicked. If we are to control our anger, why shouldn’t G-d?

Thank you,


Dear A,

The English translation of the original Hebrew Bible (the Chumash) is completely incorrect in this respect, translating G-d’s response as one of anger. This is a total misrepresentation. The Hebrew word for true anger is 'ka'ass'. This describes the ego centred attempt to dominate or control the other person. It is usually associated with volume (high), expression (livid or passively cutting), and tension (taut face, narrow eyes, tensed muscles). Yet the word used in the Chumash, is not ‘Ka’ass’ but Charon Aff, which means an external behavioural expression which feigns anger, but which requires complete inner balance and positive intention to assist someone else.

Indeed, at times we might simulate ‘anger’ with a child, for effect and impression. But never are we permitted to ‘lose ourselves’ – we must be in full self control, positively focused on a positive purpose, and strategically directed to help the child – or any other person. Hopes this clarifies your reading of the text.

Laibl Wolf